Round Dining Room Tables

dining room table sets

There are lots of kind dining room table sets that you can choose for your dining room. It all depends on you as the owner, which kind of table sets that you need. There two popular table sets: square dining room tables sets and round dining room table sets. Those two types table sets have some advantages and disadvantages. In this case, the article will give you a bit comparison and preview about square and round dining room table sets.

square dining room

This kind of table set is perfect for you who have a square dining room. The proportion form of the table can be very flexible when you use it in a square dining room. It has four sides which is comfort with a new family with one or two children. Each person has its own area and it makes the user feels more comfort when eating. For having a quality time and small conversation, this kind of tables is also goo to choose. It is because the square one gives an enough range between the user to make them not feel awkward in talking between each other. However, this kind of table set cannot be placed in small room. Since the shape that is quite big, it will waste your area. It also will make your dining room looks crowded and it gives an uncomfortable feeling to the user.

small dining room

This kind of table set is good for you h\who have a small dining room. The form of the table that will not waste your spaces is good to be placed in the center of the room. For people who love playing cards, or having a deep conversation, round table is a perfect option. It is because the small size and round shape do not give you any rang between each other. It makes the user to be closer rather than using the square table set. However, this kind of table also has some weaknesses. One of them, it is not really good to be used as a place for eating. The round and small shape of the table is not big enough to be place some foods. It will waste the table area and make the user cannot eat in a comfort.